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1 eatables (especially sweets)
2 (sports) a bodily position adopted in some sports (such as diving or skiing) in which the knees are bent and the thighs are drawn close to the chest
3 a narrow flattened pleat or fold that is stitched in place
4 a straight sword with a narrow blade and two edges [syn: rapier]


1 fit snugly into; "insert your ticket into the slot"; "tuck your shirtail in" [syn: insert]
2 make a tuck or several folds in; "tuck the fabric"; "tuck in the sheet"
3 draw fabric together and sew it tightly [syn: gather, pucker]

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  1. to push in one material under another - as in "tuck in your shirt" or "I tucked in my shirt" etc
  2. to eat food
  3. to curl into a ball; to fold up and hold one's legs.
    The diver tucked, flipped, and opened up at the last moment.

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  1. snack food. Derived from the expression "to tuck in food" meaning "to eat up", "to guzzle".
  2. A curled position.

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